Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Order Forms For Cannery

To get everyone familiar with the process I thought I would share information about the order form and ordering instructions.

This is what the cannery order form looks like

This is the upper left hand side of the form where you would put your information in.

The form looks a little confusing at first glance. You go down below your information and there is a section where it has the months you will notice they are divided into 4 months each such as January, April, July and October. The next column shows a list of items next to those months. These items are the ones that are the products that we will be canning and can be purchased for those months.
Below this is the Pre-Packaged & Bulk Products, Bulk Packaging Material (lids, oxygen absorber, and such) On the right side column is Bulk Product ordering. These are items you buy in bulk take home and use or do the canning at home or a later date.

When we order we are ordering for the upcoming month. Such as orders are given to me not later than August 26TH for our canning day in September.
Again these are the dates orders are due to me.

Cannery orders are due to me by the following dates:

For September orders turn in by August 26th

For October orders turn in by September 23rd

For November orders turn in by October 21st

For December orders turn in by November 18th

Any questions or comments are welcomed. Remember to be prepared with a smile, Bobbi Jo

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